This is who we are

Because we love creativity and innovation and because we believe in young people, at imaginBank we have made a commitment to creating the physical and virtual space that is imaginCafé, which brings together culture, education, technology and, so it has everything, fun.

The perfect setting

Do you like our location? Do you like our space? We couldn’t imagine a better location than the centre of Barcelona to create a space that is open to everyone offering cultural activities and events.

Our spaces

Always online

You can come here by walking or enjoy it anywhere you want, because imaginCafé is everywhere. Follow us on social media, on our website…and enjoy our activities. Yes, that’s right, we broadcast them live for all of you who cannot be here.

Creative community

Emerging artists and entrepreneurs, this is for you. Tell us about your projects and, if they match the philosophy of imaginCafé, our space is your space.

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