Exhibition November and December: TAJO


One river, four photographers, a campervan and a gaze brought together by fate. 1,007 kilometres later, a shot of a rough sea scores the line under 21 different journeys, each of them 44 kilometres apart, marked out with an X on the map. The place is the least important part.


The Tagus River is also imbued with the quality of marking the path between two points, an A and a B, in the same way that thoughts or stories work. To get from A to B, we normally take the quickest way possible and every now and again we need to get lost, wander more than necessary, have fun and stray from the path. Fate allowed these four artists to do this, stopping and taking photos of what ever caught their eye, regardless of the place marked on the map: a service station in Aranjuez, an abandoned estate in Portugal, a river beach or a village where just five families were living. These are just some of the places scattered through these pieces. This exhibition offers the view of four friends brought together by a journey in a campervan. And they were right by the Tagus River.


Roberto Feijoo, Eugeni Gay, Manu Mart, Mingo Venero.


Spain and Portugal, 2017.



 Roberto Feijoo

He lived in Germany where he did his first courses in photography at the University of Hannover. In 2004, he finished up his photography studies with the Image and Multimedia Technology Centre at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. From 2005 to 2010 he worked as an assistant to the photographer Jordi Bernadó. In 2015 he received a grant from the XV Albarracín Photography and Journalism Seminar. He has had four solo exhibitions and has taken part in many joint ones. He is currently participating in the travelling joint exhibition “Un món paral·lel” [A Parallel World], curated by Joan Fontcuberta.


Eugeni Gay

He has had joint and solo exhibitions in over 20 countries across 4 continents. He has won various prizes such as the FNAC New Talent award and the SAIF prize at the Voies Off Festival in Arles. He is part of Diccionario de Fotógrafos Españoles at La Fábrica, alongside Cuatro 15. He is on the Catalan Regional Government’s Photography Website and in 2016 he was selected for the exhibition “A vista de campanario [Bell Tower View] and “Nuevos relatos fotográficos” [New Photographic Stories] which take a look into contemporary photography in our country.


Manu Mart

Madrid-born, Barcelona-based photographer. His personal projects are spread out between Spain and Asia. The street forms part of his idiosyncratic style in the way he’s incorporated it into his photographic language, setting it up as the main backdrop for his pictures. From 2013 to 2016 he was part of the photography collective Calle 35. Leica included him in their 2014 programme, LFI Loanpool, thanks to which he produced his most recent work in Asia, “Indochine” (2015) and “Who’s Johnny Lim?” (2016), the latter was made in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Malaysia.


Mingo Venero

A documentary photographer, born in Cantabria, who’s committed to human rights and social justice. His documentary work is focussed on social inequality, migration and child rights, raising awareness and given the most unfortunate of us a voice. Since 2006, he has been creating projects with various NGOs in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Some of his work has received awards from national and international contests. He has also received recognition for his street photography and as a teacher. He is a founding member of Calle 35 and Territorios Libres.