27 November 19:30

Music show: Bestia Bebé


The members of the Argentinian band Bestia Bebé define themselves as four friends making songs that talk about friendship, their neighbourhood, football, animals and love. They are one of the leading lights in South American indie rock and have released various albums on LAPTRA, the label that has signed other classic Argentinian bands such as Él mató a un policía motorizado and Las Ligas Menores.


With a melodic punk sound that is reminiscent of bands such as Pavement and Guided by Voices and choruses that will get stuck in your head like a piece of gum on your shoe, (“Estamos bien, estamos muy bien”), Bestia Bebé are coming back to Barcelona for the second time this year to continue touring their latest studio album, Las pruebas destructivas, where they will attempt a Spanish version of ‘True Love Will Find You in the End’ by Daniel Johnston. Oh! They also just re-released their first LP on vinyl with Sonido Muchacho, the label of artists such as Carolina Durante and Hinds.


ATTENTION: Admission until full capacity. Preference by order of arrival. Don’t sleep!