The space

Pelayo Street, 11 (Barcelona)

Monday to Friday from:39 am to 9 pm (Except holidays)

The place to be. A space where you can discover what nobody else can offer you in Barcelona, where you can express yourself and, most importantly, a place where you can have fun. Honestly, if you visit you won’t want to leave.


The centre of the imaginCafé establishment, where anything can happen. In this central space on the ground floor there will be so many activities organised that we bet you’ll never be bored…whether you’re here or watching on a stream!

El Vacío

A video art exhibition? Where? Or perhaps an exhibition by that travel instagrammer you admire so much? When? El Vacío will always be full of what you like the most.


If you haven’t discovered these designers yet, now is the time. We offer you the most modern brands so that you can say “I heard about it first”. A space on the ground floor that is reserved for new products and fashion, but above all to support the city’s emerging talent.


Don't you know the sustainable initiatives of imaginPlanet? Discover them in it's space at imaginCafé and join the change for the planet.

The Lab

Digital aficionados, THIS IS YOUR SPACE. THAT’S RIGHT, IN CAPITALS. All the latest digital creation tools and more. Much more. A multimedia laboratory on the lower floor for true geeks who love digital culture, but above all, who don’t want to miss out on any experience related to digital creation.

Gaming Arena

Only for real gamers. Play, share and find out about everything that’s happening in the world of gaming, thanks to this digital leisure space, located on the lower floor, to stay up to date with the latest video games. Equipped with video consoles so you can play, e-sports events and tutorials and presentations about games.