RISING is a programme created at imaginCafé that we want to use to support up-and-coming talent. If you’re young and think that your work should be on display in our new space in the centre of Barcelona, don’t hesitate to fill out this form. You’ve got nothing to lose.

We’d love to cover everything, but we’ve had to narrow it down to a few disciplines, among which we have: music, graphic arts, film and digital arts, fashion, creative writing (comics, scripts, etc.) and entrepreneurship (start-ups). If you think your talent fits into one of these, this is your chance.

How does RISING work?

  1. Fill out the form you’ll find below and send it in to us.
  2. The planning team at imaginCafé will do a pre-selection and assess whether the project fits with the imaginCafé values and focus.
  3. If your work has been preselected, you will get an email calling you in for an interview with a member of the imaginCafé planning team. If your work isn’t preselected, we’ll also let you know by email.
  4. If we believe in your talent, you’ll get the chance to make your début at imaginCafé. We’ll offer you a physical and virtual space to present your project as you see fit: exhibition, talk, concert, screening, etc.

Cuéntanos qué haces y porqué debería conocerlo todo el mundo.

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